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otsib naine Suhtetüüp: Kõik sobib Sweden MWANJEJOSH

Hey, am a simple guy!

MWANJEJOSH, 29 , Sweden

Suhtetüüp: Kõik sobib

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Mustanahaline / Aafrika päritoluga

otsib mees Salasuhe või armuke Sweden Fadilareal


Fadilareal, 38 , Sweden

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Millist tööd sa teed?: Muu

Rass: Muu

otsib naine Salasuhe või armuke Sweden Morganc

Looking for fun?

Morganc, 48 , Sweden

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otsib mees Jutukaaslane Sweden Palmesarlette


Palmesarlette, 29 , Sweden


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otsib mees Sweden Xxx

Olen woman, 86 , otsib man Vanuses 18

Xxx, 86 , Sweden
otsib mees Platooniline Sweden Sonanika

добрая нежная эгоистичная

Sonanika, 26 , Sweden


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otsib mees Püsisuhe või abielu Sweden Harrison20011w

My name is Ann and I am from Canada but am now in Ghana with my mom and am working as are teacher in Ghana university of Ghana I have work about 1yrs now well a lot of people think that love is about age or where u come from, but that is not true. Love is someone to believe in and put their trust...

Harrison20011w, 35 , Sweden

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Raamatupidaja / finants


otsib mees Püsisuhe või abielu Sweden Good_woman54

tell you later

Good_woman54, 38 , Sweden

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Mustanahaline / Aafrika päritoluga

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